Identity Theft And Its Prevention

Once you have done this, you need to contact each of the identity theft agencies’ fraud departments to start the process of removing the transaction from your credit report. Now, contact your police department, and the police department in the state where the identity was used, if you can find it. Get a copy of the report the police file. Keep all of this documentation in order to prove that you have been a victim, should your bank or credit card company start demanding payment for charges you did not make.

Preventing Identity Theft

Preventing identity theft starts with knowledge, because knowledge is power. Knowing how and where criminals get identities is crucial to stopping this crime. The first step in identity theft prevention is building identity theft protection into your computer.

Make sure you have an active firewall on your computer. This helps limit the number of people who are able to access the information stored there through your Internet connection. Next, install anti spyware on your computer to keep people from spying on your activities.

Next, make sure whenever you are about to enter your credit card information on a website that you know whose site it is. Avoid clicking on links in e-mails to sites that want your information. These criminals are experts at making their fraudulent site look like the real thing. Instead, type in the URL yourself, and confirm that it is the correct site.

Never enter credit card information on a site that is not secure. There should be icons on the site telling you that it is secure. Also, the address will read https, instead of just http. Never give out your passwords, and do not let the computer store your passwords, even if it does make your life more convenient. Hackers know exactly where these files are! Keep your passwords long and hard to guess.

Keeping your identity safe starts with proper steps to prevent identity theft. Do not take this crime lightly. Having your identity stolen can lead to months and years of frustration, and fraudulent charges. Some thieves can even steal your money from your checking account before you have an idea that there is a problem. Protect yourself from identity theft now!

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