Online Credit Cards – A Quick Reference

Online credit cards are widely used while purchasing through the internet. This can be considered to be one of the most popular and common use of credit cards. This article gives you the following details in relation to credit card usage online

  • How can you find out if the credit card company is reputable?
  • What are the features of a reputable online company?
  • What are the tips for online shopping using credit cards?

When it comes to the internet, credit cards are definitely the preferred method of purchase. When shopping online, most customers choose to pay with plastic. Not only is this method very convenient and fast, but it also leaves a paper trail that many customers find reassuring. The problem is that most of us have also heard about online fraud in credit cards and fraud in credit card purchases online. For some customers, this is enough to convince them to give up on online shopping forever.

The internet provides many great shopping deals. If you don’t want to miss out on them, there are several ways that you can become more confident about shopping online.

What Is A Reputable Online Company, Anyway?

One very good tip that most credit card users hear is that they should only shop online with their credit cards at reputable companies. This is great – except that it is not always easy to tell reputable companies from un-reputable ones. If you are confused about which online retailers and businesses you can trust, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Reputable online businesses have clear policies about online credit card processing. An online company should be able to tell you exactly how their credit card processing online system works. They should be tell you what happens to your information and what measures are taken to keep your information secure. Any company that cannot do this likely does not know enough about their own system to keep you safe.
  • Reputable online businesses have physical contact numbers and addresses. Legitimate companies have nothing to hide and make it easy for you to contact them to ask questions.
  • Reputable online businesses are part of a privacy seal program. These programs include BBBonline, CPAWebTrust and TRUSTe, and they tell customers that the company is registered and safe to do online business with.
  • Reputable online businesses have easy-to-find, clear, and reasonable privacy policies. Privacy policies tell you exactly how your private information (including your name, contact information, and financial data) is used by the company. Businesses that have no privacy policy may be selling your private information to other businesses.
  • Reputable online businesses use secure servers and encryption technology. Encryption technology simply refers to a program that scrambles data. When your credit card number is sent out over a web site that has encryption technology, the numbers are scrambled before being sent so that even if an online criminal sees the packet of information being sent through cyberspace, he will not be able to unscramble the information to get your credit card number. Servers are the large computer systems that run networks or some larger websites. Secure servers have special features that protect online information and data from fraudsters.
  • Reputable online businesses have return policies. Companies which are not legitimate will try to force you to keep products , even if you are not satisfied that you got what you paid for.
  • Reputable online businesses are as concerned about online fraud as you are. They will never make you feel bad about asking questions regarding privacy and online security and will in fact be happy to explain to you the steps they take to keep your credit card and personal information safe. Online companies lose millions of dollars each year to criminals using stolen credit card numbers. Only un-reputable companies do not care about security – because they have nothing to lose.

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