Visa Credit Card – Have You Come Across It?

Most consumers have heard the name Visa and used a Visa credit card number at one time or another. A Visa credit card application is an entrée to doing business with the

world’s most used card, so universally accepted in fact that a Visa card has almost become the new common currency. Today, more than 150 countries accept Visa credit card payments, an impressive record for a credit card first issued under the name BankAmericard in 1958 by the then California-based Bank of America. In 1976 the card’s name was changed to Visa and a financial legend was born.

Types of Visa Credit Cards

The Visa Credit Card Company offers a variety of credit cards, debit cards and prepaid Visa credit cards including personal, corporate, purchasing, and business accounts. With specially tailored Visa business credit cards and Visa student credit cards also available, there is something in the Visa line to meet every financial need.

The most basic is the Visa Classic, an excellent first card for college students and for young couples starting out and trying to establish their credit. For those with established and solid credit histories Visa Gold or Visa Platinum are both good options. For customers who need to rehabilitate their credit rating, the company offers a secured visa credit card. The more high tech cards offered by Visa included the Intelligent Card, Visa Contact less Card, and the Visa Mini. The Intelligent Card features a built-in computer chip that can hold more than 100 times the amount of data stored on a regular credit card. Working in conjunction with the “Verified by Visa” program, the card works to authenticate online shopping transactions.

The Visa Contact less Card does not have to be “swiped” only held up in front of the card reader. A signature is generally not required to complete the purchase. The Visa Mini, issued in conjunction with various Visa cards, is designed to be carried on a key chain thus eliminating the need to carry a wallet or purse constantly.

Visa offers a special program that is extremely attractive to parents. The Visa Buxx card is a pre-paid card for teens. Not only does it make it possible to send children out with enough “cash” to let them have some fun and stay safe, but the program also helps to instill a sense of financial responsibility in the young card holders.

Each of the various Visa cards offers associated benefits such as auto rental collision damage waivers, cardholder inquiry services, emergency cash withdrawals, emergency card replacement, lost or stolen card reporting, zero liability, and reward programs. You can visit to compare card benefits and to find out how to acquire and fill out a Visa credit card application.